Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bridges Rock Gym - Nerf Night 2

On Sunday some friends and I got in the car and made our way to El Cerrito for the second nerf night at Bridges Rock Gym. I was a little concerned that with it being a Sunday there might be noticeably less people. Thankfully we still had a little over 20 I think. This time around they completely cut out the CTF games and focused on team deathmatch with 5v5 teams. I think this was a fantastic choice, and I'm glad they went with it.

They changed the barricade set up a little bit as well, which improved gameplay in my opinion. It allowed jumping from cover to cover a more realistic option, instead of the larger no mans land from the first event. This also helped alleviate the stalemates that could occur.

We finished up the last game of the night with a 10v10 game of pistols only. If changing the barricades alleviated a bit of the stalemate issues, making the game pistols only absolutely destroyed it. It was awesome, people were running and pushing, firing and falling back, and all around enjoying it it seemed.

I'm definitely looking forward to making it to the next nerf night at Bridges, to see how strategies start to evolve as people get used to the venue and it's unique attributes.

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