Tuesday, April 23, 2013

B.U.R.N. Season 2 Round 2

The second game for this seasons B.U.R.N. was definitely eventful, and all of it wasn't just nerf either. From stray cricket balls to needlessly disgruntled parents, it didn't stop us from nerfing. Just like the first event, we started with some assassination games while waiting for stragglers to show up.

My first time playing assassination at the first event I have to say I wasn't really a fan of it. But as I've played more of it, it's become far more fun, and I think a great way to start out a nerf event, as it forces people to interact one on one and get to know each other while trading role cards as they blast each other. Once we had more people than game cards for assassination, we moved on to what seems like most peoples favorite, CTF.

 The first couple rounds were fairly uneventful, the teams were pretty stacked for both sides, in different ways though. One side had firepower, and the other had speed.

Team Firepower
Team Speed
 I think we split 1-1 in those games. The last game though was an epic. There were countless close calls with flags being taken and returned, or just barely defending a rush. It was one of the most enjoyable games of CTF I've played. Unfortunately, we'll never get to know how that game would've ended, because an angry parent with children decided to explode at us. Shawn and Josh handled the situation well though, and we packed it in for about an hour, and talked about getting food and ending early. But once things blew over, it was decided that we should play some assassination with the remaining numbers we had. This is when I discovered my true foam love.
 I pulled out the Air Zone Rocket Storm as a joke for the game, thinking if I could get one hit with it, my day would be made. After getting my first hit, I was hooked, this thing is so much fun to run around with. Just take it off its stand and it's a hand cannon, what's not to love?

Sure it's inaccurate, slow to reload, awkward to carry, and has a low ammo capacity, but when you launch a shot off and hear that whistle before it hits someone, it's just perfect. Pretty sure this is my assassination blaster of choice now.

The B.U.R.N. events are definitely proving to be fun consistently so far. I don't see why they won't stay that way either. So if you're in the bay area, they are beyond worth your time.


I might have a video in a few days using footage someone else took, since I was too busy having fun with the Rocket Storm. Hopefully they'll let me use the footage and I'll have something up soon!

Photos By Lexi Hall

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