Friday, April 12, 2013

Bridges Rock Gym - Nerf Night

Well, I had a nicely sized write up done, then when linking the Bridges Rock Gym Facebook, Blogger decided to be an awesome super cool best buddy, and delete everything. All my rage. So this is going to be slightly shorter than the magically lost version.

Bridges Rock Climbing Gym in El Cerrito decided to hold a nerf war, and when I heard about it, I pretty much had to be there. I'm down for supporting a business that wants to give bay area nerfers a place to play. So I took work off and got in the car with some friends for a badass night. The location is awesome, despite it's small size, it still made for some epic games.

There were about 25 of us, so we split up into 2 teams, and for each game we picked 6 people to play as a squad, and the winning squad got a point for their team. 6 vs 6 games at this location are amazing. The size lends to keeping engagements going wherever you are, but still has room to sneak up on someone. The last couple games of the night ended up being 12 vs 12, which changed the dynamics for sure. The barricades were almost always in use, with a lot of people taking pot shots at peoples heads behind barricades trying to get some kind of advantage.

I can't overstate how much the rock climbing aspect made this venue all the more epic. I don't know about most nerfers, but I'm not used to having to look above me when nerfing, so that added a new level of awesome. The oh crap moments when you start getting shot at from above were awesome.

I did get some footage while I wasn't playing, but unfortunately the lighting wasn't the most cooperative, so it's not pretty to say the least. I wish I could've spent time cleaning up the video to make it look nice or do something cool with it, but I put this together while I was supposed to be working on a completely different video. Excuses aside, I hope it's enjoyable.

If you're in the bay area, this event is definitely worth going to. Send an email to and put NERF WAR in the subject line to get on the email list for future events!

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