Friday, May 31, 2013

B.U.R.N. Season 2 Round 3 Video and Writeup

Let's just start this off with the video shall we? I spent a little more time on this video, and while it's not exactly what I wanted, I'm relatively pleased with how it came out.

Unlike the other B.U.R.N. events I've been to, we had so many people show up on time (or close enough) that we just went straight into CTF instead of starting with assassin. As fun as assassin is, I was totally ok with this, because I really enjoy the team aspect of CTF. We got a solid 9 games of CTF in, which made me really happy, because I was able to film a few of them and still get in a lot of actual playtime myself.

I found a new love at this event, my pair of magstrikes that I found at savers turned out to be such an absurd amount of fun, I think they might be my new primaries, but I'll get into the magstrikes and why I love them another time.

Despite some of the results for the games seeming a bit one sided, the games were really intense and close. There were points where both flags were on the ground in the middle of the field, and plenty of times where flags exchanged hands 2 or more times in under 10 seconds.

A lot of this has to do with the change in the field size and flag location. They opened the field up by a noticeable amount, allowing engagements to happen both in close quarters around the buildings, and further distance standoffs in the open spaces. Placing the flags in less defensible areas helped put the flags in play more often which created more tension and memorable moments, while at the same time helping curb standoffs slightly.

If you haven't already, check out Bay Area B.U.R.N.

Big thanks to them for running such a fun and friendly game.

Photos by cherie pfaff

Additional footage for the video from Lexi Hall

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