Thursday, June 27, 2013

B.U.R.N. Season 2 Round 4 Video and Writeup.

This month's B.U.R.N. came and went, and as always, I had a blast, even though I was only able to make it for the second half of the day. When I showed up I saw that it was a slightly smaller day, with around sixteen people, but that didn't detract from the games at all. It actually made getting tagged more punishing than it usually is. With the smaller teams every person really counted, so this enabled there to be a couple faceroll games where one team just got smashed in about a minute and the opening converted into a flag capture.

I decided to be one of the pack today and run my Elite Alpha Trooper, mostly because I changed the white stripes to orange and put a gear up raider stock on so I was really liking how it looked. I understand why everyone loves this blaster so much, but I was definitely missing the explosive power of the Magstrikes when people were base rushing. That said I the Elite Alpha Trooper really is a greatly flexible blaster.

My team did have a bit of a derp moment that gave us a good laugh. We had a solid push and cleared what we thought was all of the opposing team, so we grabbed the flag and booked it back to base, already celebrating our victory. That is until we got back to our base and realized our flag was gone and we had just traded flags. Of course we were promptly smashed by the respawning other team and they took their flag back for the victory.

I guess it's time for a video now isn't it?  A bit different from the last ones, it's all in first person, so let me know what you guys think!

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